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Organic Farming in Sikkim

Organic Farming in Sikkim

The Government of Sikkim has launched the Sikkim Organic Mission (SOM) Project where the agriculture and cardamom land is being undertaken for organic certification.

Sikkim Government has adopted the third party organic certification system based on NPOP guidelines and standards equivalent to Council Regulation(EC) No 384/20007. Sikkim has emerged Sikkim has emerged as the first Organic state in the country and the organic certification progress is as under:

Certified Land under Sikkim Organic Mission


            Name of the Project


      No of Registered Farmers


Other Crops




Large Cardamom












Time Line of Sikkim Organic Mission

2003: Declaration of the State Legislative Assembly to convert entire Agricultural land into Organic management system

2005: Sikkim Ecological Fund and Environmental Cess, Act formulated.

2006: State Green Mission launched

2007: State Council for Climate Change constituted.

2008: Sikkim a smoke-free state.

2008: Eco tourism Directorate established

2009: “Ten Minutes to Earth”, launched as people’s programme.

2010: Sikkim Organic Mission launched.

2012: Sikkim Eco Tourism Policy introduced.

2013: Paryavaran Mahotsav (Environment Festival) declared & celebrated (15-30 June)

2015: Burning of biodegradable wastes including bio-mass and other farm wastes prohibited through Gazette Notification.

2016: Prohibition of packaged drinking water bottles in government functions and meetings.

              Ban on use of styrofom and thermocol products and firecrackers.