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Originally from Central Asia, today ginger is cultivated in many of the tropical and subtropical Asian regions. The fresh, dried or powdered rhizome of a slender perennial herb, the Sikkim ginger is acclaimed worldwide for its characteristic taste, flavor & texture. Ginger is cultivated as a cash crop in Sikkim and its drink known as Ginger ale is becoming popular in the country. Two exportable varieties of ginger is cultivate by our certified group of farmers in Sikkim. The big and small variety are called 'Bhaise' and 'Majulae' respectively in local language. 

Serving the purpose of a taste- maker, an appetizer and a drug, ginger is known as one of the earliest Oriental spice in the Himalayan reagon and is been commercially cultivated as a spice in Sikkim. Currently Organic Ginger is being marketed through Mevedir. 

Approximately 1000 metric tonne of Organic Ginger is available with us in Sikkim.