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Contract Farmers' Groups

MEVEDIR undertakes contract farming with various groups of farmers. A farmers’ group is selected on the basis of their proximity to each other, their existing traditional practices of upland farming and their ability to learn and adapt modern organic practices. All the farmers in the group are trained in scientific organic farm management leading to organic certification which requires the strict adherence to the Internal Quality System. 

MEVEDIR currently operates in 1100 hectares of certified land in which more than 1200 farmers are under various groups adhering to the principles of organic farming. Similarly, additional 2000 hectares of land with more than 2200 farmers is under conversion. The Internal Control System and farm management services are rendered by MEVEDIR. 

To strengthen the farmers groups and monitor farm activities, MEVEDIR has established field offices in strategic locations manned with competent and trained professionals.

Benefits ensured by MEVEDIR to Farmer Groups. 

• Introduction of appropriate technologies to enhance the fertility of the soil in a 
   sustainable manner. 
• Marketing support for the organic produce. 
• Facilitation of direct market linkage between the producers and consumers. 
• Processing and value addition to the surplus organic produce. 
• Advisory services on crop, nutrient and disease management, 
• Facilitation for timely farm inputs. 
• Regular training on capacity building and skill development. 
• Awareness and community mobilization on environment friendly practices. 
• Organize and extend CSR services to farming communities.