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Extension Services in Organic Farming

MEVEDIR offers advisory and extension services on modern technologies and farm practices related to organic farming. We have the experience and expertise to manage, design and implement agro based organic programmes.

We offer support services related to total farm management, training and capacity building measures, regular internal audit systems and documentation. Some of our services offered to farmer groups and other agencies include the following:

Consultancy, Training & Capacity Building
Over the years, MEVEDIR has created the edge in the market for specialized agro-based services. With a team of experienced professionals and experts, we render consultancy services to government agencies, individuals, organisations, NGO’s, groups of farmers and interested clients.  

MEVEDIR also provides capacity building and training programmes for agricultural project management activities or other specialized agro-based services to various clients. Some of the specialized areas for consultancy and capacity building include Organic Farming techniques, Greenhouse, Vermicomposting and training on tissue culture.

Organic Inputs and Practices
MEVEDIR is equipped with the resources and experience to undertake and consult on large-scale organic farming within Sikkim. We are committed to provide extended services and inputs for organic farming to other North Eastern States of India.

Fertility and Nutrition Management
MEVEDIR supports its farm units on fertility and nutrition management by prescribing appropriate inputs for maintaining optimum fertility for various crops. Additional nutrient requirements are mobilized through the government and non government organizations. Our field based staff regularly monitors and reports the status on fertility and nutrition.

Pest and Disease Management
Our eco-friendly organic pest management programme employs various techniques that include use of naturally occurring plant and animal extracts. MEVEDIR encourages poly-culture, and avoids monoculture. Crop rotation also breaks the pest cycle, reducing the incidence of pests and diseases. When pest incidence threatens to affect the crop substantially, biological pest and disease control measures are used.

Organic Farming Volunteer Program
Our centre at Topakhani serves as training cum demonstration venue for organic farmer groups and extension service providers. Internship training programmes on organic farming and related fields are conducted. With our network and field based programs, we have mobilized volunteers for exposure and training in this centre.

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